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WA Waterproofing & Coating, a trusted name with over 29 years of ​expertise, specializes in high-quality waterproofing solutions on the ​South Coast, KZN.

Our commitment to innovation, cutting-edge technology, and top-​notch workmanship ensure lasting protection for your property. ​Explore our comprehensive services, including reinforced membrane ​installation and EcoProofSpray applications.

Partner with us for excellence in waterproofing and coating, backed ​by industry-leading guarantees. Your satisfaction is our priority, ​making us the premier choice for property owners seeking reliable ​and professional solutions in South Africa.

Waterproofing on the ​South Coast

Trusted For Your Waterproofing & Coating

on the South Coast

Why Should You Waterproof?

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Shield your property from sudden downpours and extreme weather ​events. Discover effective waterproofing on the South Coast to ​safeguard your home against the elements.

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Invest in your property's future with our waterproofing services on the ​South Coast. Our solutions not only prevent structural issues but also ​enhance and maintain the overall value of your home.

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Prioritize health and comfort with our specialized waterproofing on the ​South Coast. Beyond structural protection, our solutions mitigate mold-​related health risks, ensuring a safe indoor environment.

With over 32+ years of industry expertise, WA Waterproofing & Coating stands out as ​the go-to choice for quality waterproofing on the South Coast, KZN. Our strong 22+ ​year partnership with ABE Industrial Products showcases our commitment to ​excellence and innovation in the waterproofing industry.

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